How many calories are in french fries?

If you're worried about how many calories are in french fries and other deep fried food here's something much worse to worry about...

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Would You Like Fries With That?

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Before you eat that next serving of deep fried food you might want to know what it's likely to do in your body...

Deep frying chemically alters oil creating a “Frankenstein” fat called trans fat or trans fatty acids. These trans fatty acids in deep fried foods inhibit an enzyme called delta-6 desaturase.

This inhibition slows the production of a group of hormones called type I or “good” eicosanoids. And eicosanoids directly or indirectly control nearly every function in your body.

What does all this mean in plain language?

Eating deep fried foods could send your body into hormonal disarray...

Deep Fried Foods Could
Make You Feel Lethargic Unhappy Sick
Depressed And More...

Those trans fatty acids in deep fried foods can also confuse your body becoming part of your cell walls. Over time this can lead to rigid cell walls and another serious kind of hormonal miscommunication called insulin resistance.

In the long run if you eat enough deep fried food this insulin resistance can contribute to heart disease, adult onset diabetes, syndrome X, weight gain, obesity – nearly every major western disease.

Those fries may be offered with a sweet, innocent, teenage smile but they should probably be considered a serious hazard to your health.

So The Next Time
Someone Asks: "Would You Like Fries With That?"
Just Say NO!

Could eating bad fats like the bad fats in deep fried foods be causing you to gain weight and making you sick?

Are you eating enough good fats to stay healthy?

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How Many Calories Are In French Fries