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From the desk of:
Andrew Cavanagh (AMWA)
Professional health writer, Cairns, Australia

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With Joy?"

Imagine your body lean and fit, your mind clear and bright, your heart open and free.

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Hi, I'm Andrew Cavanagh, health writer, speaker and member of the Australasian medical writer's association.

I appear regularly on over 40 commercial radio stations across Australia talking about health.

I invest from twenty to eighty hours every week researching health.

And for over fifteen years I've studied topics on health as diverse as diet, sleep, exercise, hygiene, emotional health and more.

I've researched the supplements and the diet claims, poured through thousands of research papers and medical journals...

Here's the good news...

In all those years of research the same key point comes up again and again.

"Poor Diets And Poor Lifestyle
Habits Cause Most Western Disease..."

"...And Excellent Diet And Lifestyle Habits
Can Lead To Excellent Health"

Every time you put something in your mouth and begin chewing you literally make a decision between health and disease.

"But Most People
Don't Know How To Make
The Right Decision..."

Unfortunately most health information on the market today is only partly right.

Being partly right and overlooking some of the vital keys to health can lead to serious disease

Which is why I wrote the two books "One hour to glorious health and permanent weight loss" and the groundbreaking "From depression to glorious health in six steps."

And gave them out free on the internet for over two years...

These books represent the first comprehensive diet and lifestyle approach to treating disease.

Disease is caused by a wide variety of factors so...

"It Makes Good Old Common Sense
To Treat Disease By Employing A Wide Variety Of
Simple Diet And Lifestyle Changes..."

I also decided very early on I wouldn't make any kind of profit, kickback or commission from the sale of health products or supplements.

The market is filled with people trying to sell their 'magic' pills and I could see ordinary intelligent people like you were looking for someone objective who could sort out which claims were true, which were questionable and which were pure bunk...

So I refuse to sell health products...

"I Make My Income
Providing Objective Cutting Edge Health
Information That Works..."

"Or If I Can
I Give It Away Free!"

When I suggest a supplement or a particular course of action you know there's no ulterior motive.

Just my belief it will work based on practical experience combined with scientific and clinical evidence.

The program I'm about to describe to you is filled with all the hard won knowledge of 15 years of this objective research...

"You Won't See
Anything Anywhere Else Even
Remotely Like It!"

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Let me tell you how this breakthrough Undersize Me program was born...

One evening I was sitting in the cinema watching the gate busting documentary Supersize Me.

I laughed as a wonderfully animated Morgan Spurlock chowed down on McDonald's every meal, every day for thirty days. Intrepid soul that he is he religiously ate nothing but McDonald's.

But as funny as the Supersize Me documentary is, when Morgan began to get sick the humour wore a little thin.

After a month of eating McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner Spurlock suffered from...

  • Elevated blood pressure...

  • Cholesterol so high his doctor warned him he was turning his liver to pate´

  • Depression and mood swings...

  • He gained a whopping 25 pounds of fat and went from being slim to... well... fat!

Sitting in that cinema it occurred to me...

"This Is Exactly
What Happens To You When You
Eat Well And Exercise For A Month..."

"...Except In Reverse"

I have repeatedly seen people who follow an excellent diet and lifestyle program:

  • Lower their blood pressure...

  • Reduce cholesterol and especially “bad” cholesterol...

  • Reverse depression, become happier, more calm and relaxed and...

  • Lose that excess body fat.

I don't usually ask anyone directly if they overcome erectile dysfunction but the indications are that it does happen. But back to my story...

"Not only have I seen people experience all
these benefits by changing their diet and

"I can also
explain every benefit to you

And I realised the Supersize Me documentary would be a brilliant, funny way of educating the ordinary person on the street how to eat and live for excellent health.

Instead of eating McDonald's and not exercising for a month how about eating brilliantly for a month, exercising and more...

"Instead of
Supersize Me why not
Undersize Me..."

So I wrote the Undersize Me Diet and Lifestyle Manual just for you and concerned people like you...

Because I know you want to know the truth about weight loss – the truth about health.

You want to know the secrets drug manufacturers, even some diet food suppliers and health experts either don't know or don't want you to know.

Simple medical facts you can use every day to eat for health, lose weight and keep it off forever.

You see there's no real money in selling fruit and vegetables.

Here's something the diet food peddlers don't want you to know.

When you finally learn the REAL cutting edge scientific secrets of diet and lifestyle...

"You Can Lose Weight
And Reverse Disease Even If You Completely
Mess Up
Half The Time!"

"And You Won't Need
An Ounce Of Food You Can't Buy At Your
Local Supermarket Or Greengrocer!"

The key Undersize Me health principles are so powerful they can cover a multitude of sins and mistakes.

My revealing confession:
I'd like to claim I'm some kind of healing genius but the truth is my clients, readers of my books and the huge growing mass of people who come to my health seminars go off and take such a cock-eyed approach to their health I wonder if they were listening to me at all!

"But Often
It Still Works!"

I remember a serious discussion I had with Cara, a close friend of mine, whose life was a misery with mood swings, irregular periods, acne and ovarian cysts.

As if all that wasn't enough Cara was putting on weight month after month and couldn't stop that tummy fat growing and growing.

I would like to say my little talk turned Cara's life around. I would like to say she immediately took my advice to heart and did everything I suggested...

"I Would Like
To Say All That But Would
You Believe..."

"Not All Of My
Friends Follow My Advice
To The Letter?..."

Sometimes they don't follow my advice at all!

Hard to believe isn't it? Don't they know I've written hundreds of health articles and three groundbreaking health books?

Don't they know I appear on 40 commercial radio stations across Australia as “one of the world's leading diet and lifestyle authorities”.

Anyway Cara was sceptical.

But having tried everything else without success and being desperate she gave the diet a try and changed a couple of her supplements.

I'll let Cara tell you her story in her own words...

"Kiss your Disease
Goodbye In Eight Weeks?"

Cara Tells About Her 'Miracle Eight Week Cure':

"Around a year ago I was overweight and suffering from pain in my abdomen. Less than a week before Andrew talked to me about my health I took an ultrasound and my doctor diagnosed me with a complex cyst in my left ovary."

"I was depressed, suffering from mood swings, irregular periods and I had recurrant facial acne."

"I'd tried a whole range of natural and alternative therapies without finding a solution to my many health problems."

"Andrew recommended the basic diet and supplement guidelines in this Undersize Me program which I followed with varying levels of commitment."

(Of course this was before the program had the sexy Undersize Me title. Maybe that's why she didn't follow it so closely!)

"Less than six weeks after beginning the program I took another ultrasound and...

"My Doctor And I
Were Both Amazed To Find
My Cysts Were Gone!"

"The pain in my abdomen was gone in about eight weeks, the acne began to disappear and I began to lose weight."

"Now over a year later I've lost that excess body fat and kept it off. My health is good and the diet is natural to me - just a part of my daily lifestyle."

"If You Suffer From Health Problems The Undersize Me Program Could Change Your Life - it certainly changed mine."

- Cara Graham – North Cairns, Australia (contact details available on request)

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I could tell you dozens of stories like this but believe it or not the Undersize Me program is even more impressive than just any personal testimonals or experiences I could give you.

I found most of the groundbreaking therapies you'll learn by following back a long line of people who seemed to be experiencing miraculous cures!

In health success leaves clues!

And most of these therapies have...

"Thousands Of Testimonials
From People Who've Seen Fantastic Turnarounds
In Their Health!"

If just one of these therapies can make such a difference what happens when you put them all together in one super charged program?

The results can be mindblowing. Just ask Brendan...

"An End To
Colds And Influenza?"

Brendan Beats The Flu And His Back Pain:

"When Andrew first consulted with me I was suffering constantly from repeated bouts of colds or influenza. My doctor had diagnosed me with bronchitis..."

"I'd barely get over one cold or flu and another would come along. I was getting to know my doctor way too well and the antibiotics he prescribed barely helped with the symptoms."

"After two years my
life had become a misery..."

"I also suffered serious and continuous back pain from a herniated disc. The constant pain had seriously limited my activity for over ten years."

"After making the diet and lifestyle changes Andrew suggested my health improved almost immediately and now..."

"A Year Later I Can't Remember
The Last Time I Had A Full Blown Cold Or Flu...

"My back is pain free most of the time and I'm able to do things I never dreamed of doing a year ago like lifting weights and playing sport."

"I Highly Recommend This Program To Anyone Wanting To Make A Radical, Long Term Improvement In Their Health."

"P.S. Following this program could seriously jeapordize your doctor's livelihood."

"Last time I heard my G.P. was out on the street with a sign begging for work!"

  • Brendan Mether – Bayview Heights, Australia (contact details available on request)

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Brendan is a real character and I'm pretty sure he's joking about his doctor.

I should point out though that many of the people who find success with this program are at the other end of the medical and natural health systems and nothing has really worked for them.

Cara and Brendan are both excellent examples: dramatic turnarounds in health after a series of medical and health professionals failed to give them relief.

So if you think you've done it all and tried it all this program could be the master key you've searched for so long...

"Even If You've Literally Tried
EVERY Other Diet Book Diet Program And Health Program
Out There!..."

Once every couple of weeks someone who's already doing 'everything right' will seek me out from some obscure back reach of the world I've never heard of like Minacore West Dakota.

My apologies if from Minacore West Dakota...

Please write me a note and let me know... Where The Hell Are You?

These wonderful people have been to the doctors and the specialists. They've tried creams and herbs. They've experimented with vitamins and diets.

They've stood on their heads listening to baroque music backwards while wearing magnetic innersoles meditating furiously on the karmic wholeness of the universe and praying to the one great spirit guide...

They've dined on raw yak fat from the far reaches of Tibet mixed with liberal portions of Tahitian spinach and a sprinkling of pre-soaked tahini hulls...

"And That Was
BEFORE They Really Got Serious About Trying
Alternative Therapies!"

More Often Than Not We Can Find A Solution To Turn Their Health Around.


Because this is not just one diet – not just one therapy.

The Undersize Me program combines a whole range of scientifically based breakthrough therapies and approaches to health.

Each one of these therapies alone can bring about dramatic healing.

"Put Together They
Become A Stunning Healing Powerhouse"

I will bet you there's at least one therapy or approach in this program you haven't heard of before.

No Other Program In The World Combines All These Therapies Into A Comprehensive, Coherent Program.

The Undersize Me program is truly unique.

You could spend the next fifteen years searching for every therapy, every leader and pioneer in the health field, every diet tip, every supplement, every wild claim – just as I did for the last fifteen years.

But why reinvent the wheel?

"Why Stay
Overweight Or Sick A
Day Longer?"

Why stay sick?

Why put up with those extra pounds when you could lose them so quickly and easily with the Undersize Me diet and lifestyle program...

Lives change in an instant with just one decision, either good or bad and I'm going to help you make a decision now by making an offer so outrageously irresitable you'd be crazy to turn it down...

First I'll give you your immediate download link to the breakthrough Undersize Me diet and lifestyle manual.

You can be reading this fantastic ebook just minutes from now...

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Your Undersize Me Diet and Lifestyle Manual $36 Value
In this fully illustrated breakthrough diet and lifestyle manual you'll learn while you laugh at the exploits of Morgan Spurlock eating McDonald's exclusively for a month...

    The Undersize Me diet and lifestyle manual can help you...

  • Lose weight fast...

  • Lower cholesterol...

  • Lower blood pressure...

  • Reduce stress...

  • Reverse depression, mood swings and PMS...

  • Improve the appearance and quality of your skin...

  • Improve sexual function...

  • Improve your sleep quality...

  • Remove food cravings and addictions...

  • Remove negative emotions...

  • Avoid influenza and the common cold...

  • Reverse sinus problems...

And this is just the beginning...

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    Learn How To Makeover Your Diet Easily And Simply...

  • Learn how the food you eat can lead to disease or health..

  • Remove the great "mystery" of weight gain. Learn exactly how your body puts on weight when you eat...

  • Learn exactly what to eat and why based on solid science and real studies and experience involving real people. The keys to not just losing weight but also to reversing many diseases...

  • How eating good fats can help you lose fat and the difference between good and bad fats...

  • How eating properly can rid your body of hunger and how hunger is a sure sign your diet is poorly balanced...

  • Learn about foods you can eat without any limits. You can eat these foods all day, all night and never put on an ounce of weight.

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    Discover Which Are The Best Supplements For Your Health

  • Learn which supplements are probably the most important and what doses to take them in...

  • Learn about one supplement readily available in your local health food store, supermarket and on the internet shown scientifically to help reverse a wide range of health conditions from heart disease to depression to multiple sclerosis and more...

  • Literally thousands of studies support the use of this supplement and you can start using it today to boost your health and the health of your family...

    An Exercise Program You Can Start Right Now!

  • Start by exercising just three minutes a day without pain or discomfort and build up your body to be fit, toned and flexible...

  • Learn the three simple, basic exercises you can do at home to build muscles, boost health and burn fat - you can even get a six pack doing one of these exercises...

And There's More But First...

Leading health professionals recommend the Undersize Me diet and lifestyle program.

Here's what highly respected Australian psychologist Dr Ivor Williams has to say about the Undersize Me diet and lifestyle manual...

Leading Psychologist
Recommends Undersize Me

Dr Ivor Williams' strong recommendation:

"Witty, provocative and insightful."

"The diet and lifestyle manual Undersize Me continues Andrew Cavanagh's groundbreaking work into adaptive lifestyle change."

"I strongly recommend this book for depression, other mood disorders and for anyone serious about enhancing their long term mental and physical health."

  • Dr Ivor Williams, Ph.D(Psych)(Qld)

And The Undersize Me Health secrets just go on and on...

    Discover The Disease and health time bombs You Must Avoid...

  • Learn how male sexual dysfunction can be linked to diet and lifestyle...

  • Even learn a medical technique which often results in an immediate erection and why you'll probably choose the other options in this book...

  • Learn how depression and mood swings are mainly physical disorders and how diet and lifestyle changes can help enormously...

  • Learn how stress combined with a poor diet can lead to a sudden spiraling deterioration in health and how to avoid this negative spiral...

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    Sleep Secrets

  • Learn the little known secrets to getting a good night's sleep...

  • Learn how a supplement can help you fall asleep and can help reset your sleep cycle so you'll fall asleep at the same time each night...

    Hygiene - The Best Kept Secret Of Health

  • Learn how one of the best kept secrets of health can help you avoid colds and influenza...

  • Learn how to avoid allergies like hay fever and how to unblock your nose reversing sinusitis...

    Emotional health - You Get The Keys To The Safe

  • Learn a little known technique to effectively remove addictive urges and food cravings...

  • Learn how to remove negative emotions - often in a few short minutes!

  • Learn how negative emotions can destroy your health and positive emotions can make you laugh sing with health...

  • Take stock of what is really important in life. Undersize your body and Supersize your soul...

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The Undersize Me diet and lifestyle manual is packed with a valuable and unique proven combination of health information.

But your Undersize Me package only begins with the Undersize Me Diet and Lifestyle Manual.

I'll also give you...

8 Astonishing FREE Bonuses Worth $175 including...

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Your 100 page ebook packed with a wealth of insider tips and secrets to losing weight fast, naturally and gaining fantastic health along the way...

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The groundbreaking 100 page ebook on how to use diet and lifestyle changes to help reverse depression and many other diseases like multiple sclerosis and alzheimer's disease.

This book is a must read for anyone wanting to really understand the mind/body connection and learn the biggest secrets of feeling fantastic most of the time...

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The Motherlode Of Health Reports Packed Into One Ebook Including...

Report # 1:
Sleep Secrets Revealed $12 Value

This report reveals everything you wanted to know about how to get to sleep, how to sleep well, how diet affects sleep and so much more...

Report # 2: The Undersize Me Low Glycemic Carbohydrates Guide $12 Value

Find out exactly what 'low glycemic' means and how understanding the difference between low and high glycemic foods could be the greatest key to losing weight and beating your health problems...

Report # 3: Eat Fat To Lose Fat $12 Value

This stunning report reveals how the diet industry has got it dead wrong for the last fifty years and how eating the right fats can actually help you lose weight and why good fats are essential to good health...

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"And The $175 Worth
Of Free Bonuses You'll Get In Your Package
Go On And On..."

Report # 4: Beat Colds And Influenza Now $12 Value

The fantastic, simple and ridiculously cheap scientifically proven way of reducing colds and flus by up to 90%! Imagine never suffering from a full blown cold or flu again...

Report # 5: The Undersize Me Good Fats Guide $12 Value

This report reveals the stunning list of foods you should eat filled with “good” fats and the dangerous foods filled with “bad” fats that you must limit or avoid if you want to lose weight and glow with health.

Report # 6: The Groundbreaking Course Reversing All Chronic Disease
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You'll join over one thousand people who've discovered the little known facts and insider secrets of using simple diet and lifestyle changes to radically transform your health.

Every one of the eighteen revolutionary lessons are here so you can read them over and over and use for yourself every startling secret to fantastic health and fast weight loss...

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But I'm not going to ask you for even a sixth of that.

How much will you pay for information that will help you lose weight fast and permanently 100% guaranteed and transform your health?

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Think about what fantastic value this really is...

How much money do you spend right now on doctor's consultations, various therapists or other health professionals, medications - the list goes on and on...

"This Whole Undersize Me Package
Will Be Considerably Less Than You Pay For Just
One Doctor's Appointment!"

What is poor health really costing you?

How much money are you losing because you can't work or you can't work at peak efficiency?

And what kind of life is it suffering needlessly when the cause is quite likely to be your diet or your lifestyle or both?

How much happier could you be if you shed those extra pounds?

What would your life be like if you were slim and bursting with wonderful health?

Lives change in an instant with just one decision, either good or bad.

I dare you to Make A Decision Right Now to turn your health around.

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Let me repeat this amazing deal for you...

Your groundbreaking, body slimming, health blasting Undersize Me package with your Undersize Me ebook and every one of your eight bonuses is worth every cent of $204 but you can claim it right now...

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That's a discount of $175 off the highest quality health information on the market today.

Remember this package will not just help you lose weight fast you'll also learn all the the insider secrets of real long lasting health...

And you'll get off that dieting merry go round forever...

And just so you know I'll stand by this Undersize Me Package as being the finest, most practical, comprehensive diet and lifestyle program in the world today here is...

Your 12 Month
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You can take your Undersize Me package for a full 12 month risk free trial.

Try every secret, every part of this practical step by step program and If for any reason in the next 12 months you're not thrilled with this fantastic package I absolutely insist on refunding 100% of your money.

So you can order with confidence knowing you're not risking a cent...

But I know you won't be asking for a refund.

You'll join the readers who RAVE about the Undersize Me diet and lifestyle program and how it has helped them transform their health and their waistlines.

I truly hope you'll be the next success story...

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Yours sincerely,
Andrew Cavanagh
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