Diet Coke and health

Can you drink coke if you want a healthy diet and natural healthy weight loss? You decide...

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Coke Adds...?

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Water, water everywhere and coke's our favourite drink.”

Coca cola has led Australia's supermarket brand sales for the last decade selling over five hundred million dollars of this nutritionally barren product every year.

In nearly every county in the western world the story is the same.

Coke may lead the brand race but should it lead your choice of drinks to quench your thirst?

The problem with coke and other soft drinks is their high sugar content...

Just one can
of coke contains over thirty grams
of carbohydrate...

To put this in perspective the average woman should eat somewhere around twenty to thirty grams of carbohydrate in a whole meal. All that excess carbohydrate from the sugar in soft drinks can cause real problems in your body.

The sugar is converted into blood glucose in your body rapidly triggering the release of a hormone called insulin.

Why is excess insulin such a problem?

Two reasons:

1.Excess insulin indirectly stimulates fat storage.

2.Excess insulin stimulates the production of a group of controlling hormones called type II or “bad” eicosanoids linked to nearly every chronic disease including heart disease, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma, anxiety attacks, depression - even cancer.

To avoid all that sugar in soft drinks you could drink diet coke or diet soft drinks free of sugar.

Unfortunately the artificial sweeteners like aspartame in these diet drinks lurk under a safety cloud.

So the safest and healthiest choice to quench that thirst is good, plain, old fashioned water.

Water doesn't have the bubble, fizz or marketing hype of coke but remember water is the source of all life.

And Everybody Needs A Little Life...

Could eating the wrong choices of carbohydrates including your choice of drinks be causing you to gain weight and make you sick?

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